Our crawlspace and basement dehumidifiers offer a great value to your homeowners. A Santa Fe brand dehumidifier from Aquatight saves around $250 each year in energy operating costs plus savings in HVAC costs. In addition to the energy savings over traditional dehumidifiers offered through big box home improvement stores, they will create a more comfortable living space.

A damp crawlspace can cause damage to wood floors and cause mold to grow.

Exposed earth underneath your home is a recipe for problems for not only the integrity of your home, but your health. Crawlspaces can become damp or even flood, which can create rot and decay, which could be the floor of your kitchen, bathroom or your children’s bedroom! This moisture can breed a variety of living organisms from mold spores to centipedes, spiders, rats and even snakes.

Our crawlspace solutions serve as a blockade against invasive animals like: termites, beetles, rodents and snakes. These animals can cause exposed wood and other exposed materials to rot and decay, putting your home at risk.

Mold, Allergies, and Toxins!

Mold and mildew causes those damp and musty smells. These are fungi that thrive in humid and moist conditions, such as your crawlspace. Keeping humidity down lessens the chance of growing mold. Normally, mold will not grow at less than 50% humidity. Dehumidification is the key alongside fixing any groundwater, plumbing or other leaks as part of the strategy to eliminate mold or fungi in your crawlspace.

Humidity levels can range from 50%-90% in the crawlspace, which are perfect conditions for mold to grow. We’ll help prevent mold in and around your home leaving less allergens in the air.