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Proven Foundation Waterproofing Solutions

With over 40 years of foundation waterproofing experience you can be sure the team at Aquatight Basements knows how to keep your basement dry! We provide comprehensive foundation waterproofing solutions that will keep your foundation and basement dry.

Fixing a leaky foundation from the outside is best for the following conditions:

  • Foundation cracks on the outside walls
  • No basement leak visible from inside

There can also be other factors that make the exterior waterproofing system the best solution.

Aquatight crew installing foundation waterproofing on home

About Our Exterior Waterproofing Systems

Our foundation waterproofing system is second to none. We take our time and fix all cracks. We then install a rubberized membrane and cover it with a Delta air-gap membrane for an additional layer of protection. This system surrounds the foundation to ensure no more water comes in. We also install a 4″ weeping tile that channels the water away from your foundation and into a sump pump or other drainage system.

Outside waterproofing systems, also known as ‘exterior waterproofing systems,’ are designed to safeguard your foundation. A properly installed foundation waterproofing system effectively prevents water from penetrating your foundation. Our system ensures a consistently dry basement, maintaining the integrity of your foundation.

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If your basement is unfinished or you see cracks on the inside of your foundation walls, our basement waterproofing services could solve your leaky basement issues.

If you have a cracked foundation, we offer crack-injection, wall stabilization and complete foundation repair.

Water in your basement? We provide and install sump pumps, backup systems and we can also install an interior weeping tile system.

If you have mold in your home, we can get rid of that too, and ensure it doesn’t come back.

The experienced team at Aquatight Basements are experts in foundation waterproofing. We know how to keep water away from your foundation to protect your home against water and moisture damage.

Our work is guaranteed for the lifetime of your home.

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