Basement and Waterproofing Solutions for Halifax and Central Nova Scotia

We provide comprehensive solutions to all of your basement needs. We’re interior and exterior basement waterproofing and foundation specialists located in Halifax and servicing Halifax and surrounding areas including Central Nova Scotia.

Fixing the basement leak from the outside is best for the following conditions:

  • Cracks on the outside walls
  • No leak visible from inside
  • The basement is finished

There can also be other factors that make the exterior system the best solution.

About Our Basement Systems

Our exterior waterproofing system is second to none. We take our time and fix any cracks. We then install a rubberized membrane and cover it with a Delta air-gap membrane for additional protection. This basement system surrounds the foundation to ensure no more water comes in. We also install a 4″ draintile that channels the water away from the foundation and into a sump pump or other drainage system.

Exterior waterproofing systems are what we refer to as “outside waterproofing systems”. A well-installed exterior waterproofing basement system will prevent water from reaching your basement.

If you already have a finished basement or are seeing cracks on the outside / exterior basement walls, then an exterior basement system waterproofing solution may be for you!